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Protecting Kaiwharawhara Stream

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This year CentrePort joined forces with ZEALANDIA and others to help protect one of Wellington’s most precious waterways – the Kaiwharawhara Stream.

The stream, which runs from the native wildlife sanctuary in Karori to an estuary into Wellington Harbour, is important for fish habitats and migration and is precious to Wellingtonians for recreation and its environmental values.

The restoration of the Kaiwharawhara Stream is part of the ZEALANDIA-initiated Sanctuary to Sea project.

Although CentrePort has been part of activities in the catchment for several years, including beach clean-ups, enviro school visits and ecological surveys, this year we have become a formal partner in Sanctuary to Sea.

“We welcome CentrePort as a new strategic partner on the project and look forward to working together as we collectively seek to restore this precious taonga. The Kaiwharawhara catchment has many special values – a rich cultural history, many species of native fish, and a dedicated network of people and organisations committed to its protection and restoration.”

– Paul Atkins, Chief Executive, ZEALANDIA

CentrePort contributes to the project through providing funding, professional skills and people to help with planting and other conservation work. We’re also mindful of the impacts of our operations on the stream and look for opportunities to improve and protect it.

The partnership aligns with the people, environment and community pillars of CentrePort’s regeneration programme.

It creates opportunities for our people to engage with the natural environment and be part of conservation work.

And it gives us an opportunity to work in partnership with the community that makes up the Sanctuary to Sea programme, and with our neighbours.

“We can sit within our port fence and talk all we like, but it’s not until you get on the ground and dig a hole with someone and do something practical and meaningful that you really form a relationship. We think that’s what’s needed with the community and with iwi – you need to be at that ground level to create a relationship.”

– William Woods, Strategic Planning Manager