People story

Health and safety ‘top of the list’

Brent Mackay is a cargo handler, crane driver and health and safety representative in the Container Services team. He says health and safety starts at the beginning of every day.

Every morning, health and safety is at the top of the list when we start a shift on port. The first thing we do is a quick audit on the ground – looking for potential hazards such as any change in levels or debris.

If we spot anything, I take it up the line by submitting a bSafe report (CentrePort’s online health and safety reporting system). Reps are the conduit between the team on the ground and management – we ensure risks are logged and addressed properly.

CentrePort has a really good attitude to health and safety – the management team are ready to listen to concerns and they act on issues that are brought to them straight away. Safety is absolutely first here.

Some of the improvements have been made since the earthquake in 2016, because we’ve been dealing with more hazards. The earthquake made everyone sharply aware. The safety culture has been drilled into everyone. Health and safety is everything – we breathe it here and we all talk in the language of health and safety at CentrePort.

The message is getting across to everyone – we focus on efficiency AND safety.

I enjoy doing health and safety because I feel I’m contributing to a bigger picture in the company. I like teaching new recruits how to do things in a better, safer way. In our team we use a buddy system for new health and safety reps to ensure that new people have solid mentors to learn from.

I get great satisfaction from seeing people learning and looking after themselves, the gear and each other. It has been drilled into our people that pre-start checks can and do save lives – all our lives.