Andrew Buhler, Sales and Marketing Manager at SBT Marketing
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Going the extra mile

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Andrew Buhler, Sales and Marketing Manager at SBT Marketing, says CentrePort was willing to pull out all the stops for their company during a crisis.

CentrePort is an integral part of our business process – the team have been very supportive of us and are really good to deal with.

SBT exports animal by-products – we take the low-value material from meat processors and upcycle it into products such as broths and stock, ingredients for petfood manufacturing, tallow, meat and bone meal, and blood meal for animal feed uses. We currently export most of our Taranaki stock through CentrePort.

CentrePort doesn’t just provide a physical port for our shipping needs, it helps us with our land transport logistics such as getting empty containers to Whanganui. We fill these and CentrePort then helps organise the rail link down to port.

We like to support CentrePort because the team there have been good to us. They’re professional and punctual, and our relationship is very strong. If we ever have an issue, they’re very quick to get onto it and are prepared to go the extra mile.

It’s something of a three-way relationship between ourselves, CentrePort and the shipping companies. All the parts need to be in sync to work well, and CentrePort does what’s possible to facilitate that. That includes helping to ease the way during all the COVID-19 freight disruptions we’ve had in the past year or so.

There was a time when vessels were continually delayed due to global logistics supply chain disruptions, and we’d be running out of containers to fill, which for our business is disastrous. CentrePort would pitch in by helping to get truck containers to Taranaki so we could continue packing our product. The team did everything in their power to help us and look after our interests.

It’s fantastic to see the development going on at port with the regeneration. We hope the larger berth will attract other shipping companies to use the port, which we would welcome as it would give us more options for shipping out of Wellington, and boost business for CentrePort too.