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CentrePort Regeneration

Our regeneration is in full swing. CentrePort is emerging as a 21st century port that’s more resilient to natural events and more responsive to change, that better serves our customers and that’s a great place to work for our people.

Regeneration is about much more than restoring our physical infrastructure following the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake – it’s a drive to create a port for the region that’s more efficient, more resilient and better able to meet and adapt to future challenges.

It’s about continued investment in the health and wellbeing of our people, working more closely with our customers, following a strategy to be more environmentally sustainable, and better connecting with the wider community.

“The company is investing in infrastructure to benefit customers, the community, the environment and its shareholders. CentrePort’s regeneration is progressing well to deliver a resilient 21st century supply chain logistics asset vital for the prosperity of central New Zealand.”

– Lachie Johnstone, Chair

Regeneration pillars

Berth Container Wharf

Our regeneration is underpinned by four pillars that support a thriving port – people, customers, the environment and our community. These pillars are based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and best international practice, such as the World Ports Sustainability Program.

CentrePort is investing in each of the pillars to support our strategic goals:

  • Build a long term, sustainable and resilient business
  • Grow freight capacity
  • Optimise land use and enable city and regional integration
  • Strengthen relationships

We’re working toward these goals through a series of regeneration projects. The pillars guide the strategy and approach for each of the projects that are in planning or underway.

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Our staff are at the heart of what we do – they’re essential to our operations and to providing our customers with the timely and quality services they need. CentrePort prioritises the health and wellbeing of our people to ensure we can both operate at a high level and create a workplace where people feel safe and valued.

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CentrePort’s customers – the businesses we work with and the regions we serve – are important partners in our regeneration journey. Our relationships with our customers guide and shape how we plan and design the way we do things.

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Sustainability is central to all we do. The efficient use of resources and reductions in carbon emissions are now front of mind in all our planning and operations. We also share a role as a guardian of the harbour alongside iwi and other groups, and take seriously this responsibility to preserve and nurture the marine environment.

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The port has been a vital part of Wellington city and the wider region for nearly 200 years. Our regeneration will foster this important connection and our role in supporting commerce, jobs and the community beyond the port gates.

“In everything we do we ask ourselves, ‘How is this affecting our people, our customers, the environment and the wider community?’”

– Anthony Delaney, GM Regeneration

Future projects

CentrePort’s regeneration extends well into the future. We’re imagining not only a high-functioning and sustainable port, but one that’s better integrated with the city.

We’re looking to create a new area of the waterfront that Wellingtonians and visitors can enjoy – with new buildings, bridges and green areas in the planned Inner Harbour Precinct.

A redeveloped ferry precinct will accommodate both ferry operators and provide improved roading and transport links and an enhanced traveller experience.

The planning process has been guided by the Future Ports Forum which includes the Greater Wellington Regional Council, the Wellington City Council, Waka Kotahi, KiwiRail (Interislander) and StraitNZ Bluebridge.