Regeneration Initiative

Waingawa log hub expansion

CentrePort continues to expand the log freight facility at Waingawa near Masterton, creating more space for log storage and movement.

After expanding the capacity of the hub from 9,000 to 16,000 JAS last year, this year we continued our investment in the hub and bought more land for future development.

The new land will provide flexibility and additional capacity for the port to feed more log cargo.

This project will enable CentrePort to grow and improve our log business. Not only has it allowed us to create a more efficient log operation, but it has given us better control of safety and reduced our impacts on the environment through our taking more log trucks off the road over the Remutaka Range.

“The investment in Waingawa is about us having our own footprint. Instead of leasing land we’re actually putting our own skin in the game, and that shows our long-term commitment to both rail and to the Wairarapa.”

– Andrew Locke, GM Commercial

The ground at the hub has also been upgraded with new paving.

The regeneration of the Waingawa hub ties in with the enhanced rail onto port facility and the work that KiwiRail has done to improve rail infrastructure. The improvements have led to a significant increase in rail wagons out of Waingawa, with 45 now leaving the hub daily on Monday to Friday, and 60 per day at weekends.

Caption: Waingawa log hub