Regeneration Initiative

Seaview energy resilience project

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Seaview Wharf is critical to our region’s fuel supply. We’re upgrading the wharf to improve its resilience to both natural events and new types of fuel.

The Seaview energy resilience project is being completed in three stages over five years. The focus this year has been on planning the wharf upgrade and preparing the application for resource consent.

Stage 1 is to replace the pipeline that delivers fuel from ships to the storage tanks on the wharf. We’re working with fuel companies to complete this stage by the end of 2021.

Stage 2 will see a major upgrade of the ageing wharf area, which was also damaged in the Kaikōura earthquake. The design work is complete and the resource consenting application process is underway. Once finished, the upgrade will improve our region’s energy security and enable the wharf to meet international standards for handling bulk fuel.

Stage 3 is to replace the pipelines that run from Port Road to the fuel storage terminals located around the foreshore. Design work for this will begin later in 2021.

We’ve been working with the local community and marina to keep people up to date on our activities and consult on areas that affect them and the environment.