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Electric container-transfer vehicles

In a first for New Zealand, CentrePort is using electric vehicles to move containers.

The seven new Gaussin truck and trailer units will lower our carbon emissions as well as our operating costs.

The French-made, 100 percent electric vehicles are used to move containers around the port, replacing the diesel trucks that used to do this job.

The vehicles are powered by rechargeable batteries that can operate for 10-12 hours. Batteries are also interchangeable so there’s no downtime while the vehicles are being charged.

In addition to reducing carbon emissions, the electric vehicles can move more containers per hour so have increased our operational efficiency.

We’ve invested in the new vehicles in partnership with the government’s green investment bank – New Zealand Green Investment Finance – as part of our carbon-reduction strategy. We expect the new units to reduce CentrePort’s carbon footprint by 8 percent, or 230 tonnes of CO2, each year.