Recycling work

Guided by our values

In everything we do at CentrePort, we look to our values to guide us.

Introduced in 2013, the CentrePort values continue to keep us focused on the things most important to us – safety, teamwork, continual improvement, and getting things done.

Be safe

We always take personal responsibility. We live safety 24/7 looking after ourselves, our mates, port users, and our whānau and family.

One team

We work together to achieve our shared goals. We celebrate success, have fun and play our part to create a great place to work.
We’re always straight up; operating with trust, integrity and respect.

Make it happen

We always deliver on our promises. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and always find ways to overcome challenges and get things done.

Aim higher

We’re bold, ambitious and extremely competitive. We think ahead and alwayslook for ways to get better at everything we do.
We pride ourselves on continually creating more value for our customers, shareholders and community.