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Golden rules for good leaders

Our golden rules for leadership are about being a great example, a good communicator and an effective team builder, and enabling great performance.

The golden rules form the basis of our leadership development, which this year has focused on the Future Leaders Programme.

Ten of our people who showed leadership potential from across different areas of the business have graduated through the programme this year.

The course is designed to build leadership capability and confidence. It teaches how to influence, role model, coach and give feedback.

“Future Leaders is about improving the depth on the bench. It aims to lift and broaden general leadership capability and give our people pathways so they can progress their careers at the port, which also helps us retain our wonderful staff.”

– Helen Murray, Senior Organisational Development Consultant

This coming year we’ll be running a set of 10 workshops to reinforce the leadership golden rules, which are the fundamentals of our leadership approach.

These golden rules are being targeted to areas of the business that need it. For example, the container services area has restructured and new leaders are in place who will benefit from good leadership development.

Be a great example - Be a great communicator - Build a great team - Build, measure & reward great performance